Albrecht-Kossel-Preis geht an Johannes Buchner

Der Albrecht-Kossel-Preis geht in diesem Jahr an den derzeitigen GBM Präsidenten, Johannes Buchner.

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Analytica Messe & Conference

Programm der Analytica Conference / Freikarten 10.-12.05.2016, München

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The GBM - assignments and objectives

Steeped in tradition the GBM can look back on a long history reaching back to the nineteenth century [“History” link under “Facts & Figures”]. Its work focuses on one of the most dynamic and promising research fields of our time: the molecular biosciences in all of its manifestations like biochemistry, molecular biology, and molecular medicine.

The GBM hosts scientific meetings and conferences including the annual Mosbacher Kolloquium [link], the Fall Meetings [link], and the GBM study group conferences [link].

Representing the interests of molecular bioscientists the GBM takes a stand on technical and professional problems, supports students [AK Stud link] and the next generation of scientists [AK Next link], confers awards and honours [link], and takes part in trade fairs and conferences. GBM study groups are dedicated to the exchange of information on student courses [link] and biochemistry contents in medical student training [link].

The GBM communicates its work and concerns in its member magazine BIOspektrum [link] appearing seven times a year and the Biological Chemistry journal [link]. Supported by umbrella organisations like VBIO, AWMF, FEBS, and IUBMB it contributes towards shaping the research and teaching environment on the sectors it represents.

The Society was a founding member of the accreditation agency for chemistry, biochemistry, and chemical engineering and contributed towards the integration of the biochemistry and biology divisions in the ASIIN, the Accreditation Agency for Degree Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics.

Since its very beginnings the GBM is the intellectual homeland of leading top scientists whose ranks have brought forth a number of Nobel Prize winners [link]. The German Research Foundation, journalists, authorities, and the trade associations of other disciplines consult the GBM when they need expertise in biochemistry and molecular bioscience issues.